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BioFat - BioFat-Pro Software

October 23, 2009
A new BioFat version was unveiled.
The updated version is BioFat 1.85.6:
Subscribers can have a free update.
For full details or download – click here

March 11, 2008
The Multi-Nurse Station was launched
The station was presented
in the Medax 2008 Exhibition
For photos from the exhibition–
click here

The Multi-Nurse Station

A self use professional station for checking weight, fat percentage, height, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and E.C.G. with an automatic link to a network computer and to the Internet

The BioFat Software

The perfect software for commanding and controlling the progress of your Health, Fitness and Diet.
There are special versions for dieticians, fitness trainers and home users.


A Professional chair is available for patient-physician use.
The patient sits on the chair and the physician selects the required tests.
The test results will appear on the screen in a short period of time.

BioFat-Pro Software

Professional, unique and leading software in the field of dieting, physical activities and managing a healthy lifestyle.

Therapist module
  • Entry of personal data (including a photo).
  • Entry of anthropometric data.
  • Entry of medical data.
  • Appointment book.
  • Anamnesis.
  • Preparation of a tailored diet, which includes:
    • Follow up of calories (carbohydrates, protein, fat), cholesterol etc.
    • Substitutes based on the new food pyramid.
    • Daily and weekly diet.
    • Follow up of reminders to perform medical examinations.
  • Physical activities module.
  • Module of recommendations based on a balance of calories.
  • Comparison reports and graphs.
  • Personal recommendations.
  • Tailoring for children (growth curve).
  • Variety of reports to the patient.
  • Option of transferring measurements
    from various instruments directly to the software.
  • Option to work on the network.
  • Option to produce unique documents for the patient.

Online therapist module
  • Presentation of the personal file (patient's measurements).
  • Graphic presentation of measurement data processing.
  • Option to prepare a diet - the journal of food items consumed by the patient corresponds with the measurements in the clinic.
  • Option of preparing a journal of activities which is personally tailored to the patient.
  • Option of sending the journals directly to the dietician.
  • Direct link to the dietician.

Software's screen photos
BioFat-Pro 1 BioFat-Pro 2 BioFat-Pro 3 BioFat-Pro 4

BioFat-Pro 5 BioFat-Pro 6 BioFat-Pro 7 BioFat-Pro 8

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