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BioFat - Company Profile

October 23, 2009
A new BioFat version was unveiled.
The updated version is BioFat 1.85.6:
Subscribers can have a free update.
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March 11, 2008
The Multi-Nurse Station was launched
The station was presented
in the Medax 2008 Exhibition
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The Multi-Nurse Station

A self use professional station for checking weight, fat percentage, height, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and E.C.G. with an automatic link to a network computer and to the Internet

The BioFat Software

The perfect software for commanding and controlling the progress of your Health, Fitness and Diet.
There are special versions for dieticians, fitness trainers and home users.


A Professional chair is available for patient-physician use.
The patient sits on the chair and the physician selects the required tests.
The test results will appear on the screen in a short period of time.

Company Profile
Elitr Advanced Systems Ltd. specializes in the development and manufacture of a system that provides accurate measurement solutions to diagnose the condition of an individual's health and to build a follow up and personal guidance plan relating to diet and physical activities.

It is well known that overweight is the Western World's most common health problem and it was even defined by the International Health Organization as the Epidemic of the 21st Century. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, obesity is a health hazard which increases the risk of becoming ill with cardiovascular diseases and significantly increases the possibility of an early death. The solutions offered by Elitr help to deal with the phenomenon through the development of effective diagnosis and guidance mechanisms as well as promoting awareness in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Elitr provides solutions including Multi-Nurse measurement stations. The solutions are based on the most accurate measurement components in the world – NIR Technology. This technology has proven to be safe and non -invasive, and at the same time providing the highest level of accuracy (Golden Standard). It can be compared to underwater weighing results and applies to the population as a whole, including children, pregnant women and heart patients.

In addition, the BioFat Software serves as a management, follow up and guidance tool for patients by measuring the health, diet and physical activities. For the first time worldwide, the solutions presented by Elitr make it possible for professionals in the field of preventive medicine, diet and sport as well as for factors responsible for the health of the public and the welfare of the employees in both private and public sectors to easily see the overall health condition of the person examined. In addition, these factors can produce verbal reports and graphs in Hebrew and provide the person examined with detailed diets and physical activities, which correspond to his personal data. These exclusive abilities provide an added value to the Company's customers and distinguish them from their competitors in the level of service, management and customer satisfaction.

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