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BioFat - Professional information

October 23, 2009
A new BioFat version was unveiled.
The updated version is BioFat 1.85.6:
Subscribers can have a free update.
For full details or download – click here

March 11, 2008
The Multi-Nurse Station was launched
The station was presented
in the Medax 2008 Exhibition
For photos from the exhibition–
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The Multi-Nurse Station

A self use professional station for checking weight, fat percentage, height, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and E.C.G. with an automatic link to a network computer and to the Internet

The BioFat Software

The perfect software for commanding and controlling the progress of your Health, Fitness and Diet.
There are special versions for dieticians, fitness trainers and home users.


A Professional chair is available for patient-physician use.
The patient sits on the chair and the physician selects the required tests.
The test results will appear on the screen in a short period of time.

Professional information
The determination of obesity based on weight only or on data of height and weight only may, in most cases, mislead. Therefore, it is very important to accurately and reliably measure the body's fat percentage.

The measurement of body composition among children, youth and athletes is very important as It may be essential information in health related contexts, such as gaining weight, and in sports such as gymnastics, judo or weightlifting, where the body's fat percentage is of great significance. Body composition usually means the measurement of fat percentage.

However, body composition also includes muscle mass, mass which is not fat, quantity of minerals in the bone, not fat mass, quantity of water etc. There are a number of methods to measure body fat. Taking measurements according to the NIR technology is very convenient, reliable and accurate.

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